How We Cure Dental Visit Fears at Fairbanks Family Dental Care

29 Apr How We Cure Dental Visit Fears at Fairbanks Family Dental Care

Why do so many people fear the dentist? Is their anxiety from a bad experience with their former dentist, or from the fear of needing a procedure, or could it simply be worry about the sounds of, or types of tools used in a dental office? At Fairbanks Family Dental Care, we strive to make sure our patients leave our offices feeling comfortable, and feeling secure about questions and concerns they may have had during their visit. Not only that, we make an effort to see patients are completely satisfied with the results of their treatments. If you’re worried about visiting our office, please take a look at how we cure dental visit fears at Fairbanks Family Dental Care.

Our Steps to Cure Dental Visit Fears


  • Treat patients like family. Our staff prefers to treat our patients as if they were our own family. This means we give you the best options for treatments, we do all we can to calm your apprehensiveness, and when you leave our practice you’ll leave feeling well-cared for and happy. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about any possible treatments, and we’ll take time to make certain you’re comfortable—before, during, and after any treatments.
  • Suggest Methods of Comfort. Sometimes patients don’t fear the actual treatments, but the real problem is the sounds made by our tools. We completely understand. For any treatments that don’t require us to ask questions, we invite our patients to use headphones to play music from their phones. Music is known to be therapeutic, as a pleasant sound they’ll hear while treatments are being administered. And if our patients are feeling extra anxious about any procedures, we can offer mild sedatives the night before the procedure, or the morning of, as a way to help calm pre-treatment nerves.
  • Ask Questions. We want our patients to feel good about the care they receive. Before moving forward in any treatment, we take time to numb any pain, we fully discuss treatments options, and we ask if there are any questions or concerns. After whitening treatment kits are prescribed, or cleanings, fillings, or other aesthetic repairs are done, we check with you, our clients, to make certain you’re satisfied with the results.


Our Fairbanks Family Dental Center office maintains a friendly and professional practice. We love treating our patients in the same manner we would treat our own family members. And the more our patients know, the fewer questions they have, we know the happier they will be with the outcome of the procedure or treatment. We hope these steps on how we cure dental visit fears at Fairbanks Family Dental Care will encourage you that future dental visits can be a positive, caring experience for you and for your family.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/2017)  Hamza Butt (Flickr)