Custom-made Mouthpieces and Sports Guards in Fairbanks

04 Apr Custom-made Mouthpieces and Sports Guards in Fairbanks

Do you participate in any physical activities that could be dangerous to your teeth? Do you clench your jaw at night while you sleep? Sports activities and jaw clenching can both be harmful to your teeth. But there is an easy solution for protecting your teeth and giving you peace of mind. At Fairbanks Family Dental, we can create custom-made mouthpieces and sports guards in Fairbanks.

Custom Mouthpieces and Sports Guards

While being active in sports events around Alaska is a wonderful way to get your daily exercise, you don’t want your teeth to pay the price of not taking adequate safety measures. Physical activities like hockey or football can unintentionally jeopardize your teeth. Being tackled in football or being hit with a hockey puck can send you to the dentist quickly if you’re not wearing the proper protective gear. But if you’re wearing one of our custom-made sports guards, it can protect your teeth from chipping or cracking, and help prevent tooth loss as the result of a sports accident.

Additionally, many people clench or grind their teeth during their sleep. That pressure will affect the health of your teeth, and you may find yourself waking up with a sore jaw. Being fitted with a custom-made mouthpiece that you insert at night can spare you from more serious problems, like root canals caused by the ongoing pressure of clenching. Save yourself from future pain and expense by letting Fairbanks Family Dental fit you with a custom-made mouth guard. You’ll be glad you took the time to make this small investment now, to avoid having to make a much greater investment to repair the damage in years to come.  

Our custom-made mouthpieces and sports guards in Fairbanks are all formed to the unique shape of your mouth. They’re typically made of a heavy-duty vinyl material that will protect your teeth from injury. The process involved to create a mouthpiece begins by taking impressions of your mouth. Then we melt the vinyl material over the newly create impressions. Once it has cooled, the vinyl is trimmed down to ensure that the mouthpiece fits well and is comfortable.

We’d like to spare your teeth from possible harm or injury, either by night clenching or by sports accidents. If you have any concerns about protecting your teeth, call your local Fairbanks dentist, and our staff will gladly schedule you for fitting. Our custom-made mouthpieces and sports guards in Fairbanks may just be the best investment you can make now, for the future safety and protection of your smile!

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