Damage to Your Teeth May Require a Dental Extraction

13 Jan Damage to Your Teeth May Require a Dental Extraction

While Fairbanks Family Dental Care attempts to use the least invasive techniques, occasionally, the damage to your teeth may require a dental extraction. An extraction is simply removing the damaged tooth to prevent further pain and infection. Extractions can be necessary for a number of reasons, including tooth decay, spacing issues, or if the tooth or bone has become infected. At Fairbanks Family Dental Care, we practice preventative dental care to reduce the chance of needing tooth extractions. In certain cases extractions may be necessary for proper dental health, especially when it comes to our wisdom teeth.

Some of the common reasons for extractions are the result of poor dental hygiene and diet, but extractions can also be necessary for spacing issues. Often, dentists recommend the removal (or extraction) of our wisdom teeth to prevent any issues with our teeth later on. If wisdom teeth are left in place, they can cause the overlapping of our teeth, pain, as well as the increased risk of infection. About 85% of the American population has had their wisdom teeth removed (Crest, 2017). This is a very common procedure that people of all ages receive in order to correct spacing issues or to prevent any potential disruption to the existing teeth. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed for additional reasons, including your wisdom teeth growing in crooked or a cyst forming near the wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth grow in crooked, it can cause serious discomfort and can move the existing teeth into an uncomfortable position. Cysts forming near the wisdom teeth can also be uncomfortable and can lead to much large issues down the road, including the cyst forming into a tumor or  becoming infected. If the wisdom teeth and the cyst are not removed, the risk of infection or tumor formation is increased and can lead to a much more serious surgery being needed. This is why monitoring your dental health is extremely important. Your routine dental visits can ensure that your teeth, gums, and jawbone are healthy and free from infection.

At Fairbanks Family Dental Care, we recommend a minimum of two dental visits per year to keep your teeth healthy. Your Fairbanks Family Dental Care dentist will determine the possible need for any extractions during your visit to ensure that you maintain proper dental health. If extractions are needed, including the removal of wisdom teeth, your dentist will walk you through the procedure and will explain what needs to be done to correct or prevent any issues from occurring to your existing teeth, gums, and the nearby bone. To ensure that you complete your two dental visits, you can schedule your visits in advance. Our caring staff will gladly book your appointments in advance so that you never have the need to miss an important dental visit or cleaning. These visits are very important to prevent the need for extractions, as well as to complete any needed extractions before they cause further damage or lead to infection.

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