What is a dental cleaning, and why is it important?

04 Mar What is a dental cleaning, and why is it important?

Let’s face it; in today’s fast-paced society, we’re all busy. But by making dental care an important part of our personal routines, patients can save money, and in the long run, spare unnecessary restorative care visits to our offices. At Fairbanks Family Dental Care our goal is to help patients grasp the importance of dental health and all it encompasses. In today’s blog we’d like to explain why we recommend at least two dental cleanings per year.

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning typically starts with a physical examination of your teeth. These exams are meant to detect any possible issues, like cavities or gingivitis (Healthline, 2015). Your dental hygienist will then look for spots that have tartar or plaque, and using a small mirror and a special scraping tool, will remove unwanted buildup. (An added note; you can typically avoid this scraping process by practicing good dental hygiene at home). Next, using a high-powered toothbrush, a specially formulated gritty toothpaste is applied that helps to further remove debris. The brushing is followed by a careful flossing of your teeth and a thorough rinsing. Finally, a fluoride treatment may be added to help strengthen and protect your teeth and enamel from cavities.

Why are dental cleanings so important?

None of us is perfect, and that includes our approaches to home dental care. We all drink a few sodas throughout the year, or skip flossing occasionally, or we chow down on that rich chocolate truffle without brushing afterward. That’s where dental cleanings help us. Done by our trained professionals at Fairbanks Family Dental Care, they will aid in removing any buildup that has occurred between visits, and go a long way in helping your teeth stay white and cavity-free. If you haven’t scheduled your biannual cleanings as part of your regular dental care, do your teeth a favor; pick up the phone and call our offices today.

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