there's a lot more to our teeth than what we can see

07 Mar Getting to Know Our Teeth; There’s a lot more than what we can see.

There’s a lot more to our teeth than what we can see. As the most visible aspect of our teeth, enamel is created to be strong and contributes to the aesthetics of our smiles. But there are many additional parts of teeth that also function to keep our teeth healthy. At Fairbanks Family Dental Care we value enduring and vibrant smiles, so we’re taking a moment to explain the composition of teeth and their anatomy’s importance to dental health.

  • Crown: The topmost, enamel-covered part of your teeth. The crowns of teeth give them shape. Molar crowns are flat for grinding. Crowns on our front teeth have a sharper shape, for chewing and biting.
  • Enamel: The outer, visible portion of our teeth. Enamel is also the strongest part of our teeth, but it is susceptible to decay if not cared for by brushing, flossing, and biannual cleanings. Keeping our enamel white also helps us feel good about our smile. Now there is the option of custom dental trays for creating that whiter, brighter smile at home.
  • Gumline: The gumline is where the teeth and the gums meet. It’s an important area of the mouth to keep clean. If gums become infected or inflamed, it can lead to gingivitis.
  • Root: This portion of the tooth is attached to the bone, giving the tooth stability. The root makes up the largest portion of teeth.
  • Pulp: The center portion of our teeth containing blood vessels and tissue.
  • Dentin: The layer under the enamel that surrounds and connects to the pulp. This layer can also be damaged by tooth decay or lack of dental care (Mouth Healthy, 2018).

The composition of our teeth is intricate. Each part’s health affects the well-being of all the other parts of our teeth. Every layer is important and must be cared for properly. We recommend two dental cleaning appointments per year for a thorough cleaning of teeth and gums and a careful examination to insure continuing health. Contact us at Fairbanks Family Dental Care for any questions regarding any aspect of dental health, from crown to root and in between! 

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/1/2017)  Anders Adermark (Flickr)