Regular Dental Cleanings Can Reduce Risk of Pneumonia

20 Dec Regular Dental Cleanings Can Reduce Risk of Pneumonia

Did you know that regular dental check-ups can reduce your risk of pneumonia? Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs that causes inflammation of the small air sacs, called alveoli. The most common form of pneumonia is caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses being inhaled into the lungs. This can cause difficulty breathing, and, in some cases, even death. A 2016 study from the Commonwealth University of Virginia has linked the lack of dental screenings to an increased risk of pneumonia. During regular dental cleanings, your dentist will reduce the quantity of bacteria in your mouth, which then lowers the risk of inhaling bad bacteria into your lungs. By scheduling regular dental cleanings, you can reduce the chance of catching pneumonia.

For this study, data was analyzed from a survey in which over twenty-six thousand participants answered questions regarding their physical and oral health. Researchers realized that the people who did not have biannual dental cleanings were at an 86% greater risk of becoming sick with pneumonia. Participants who had completed their two dental cleanings a year had much lower quantities of oral bacteria. These participants also had an overall lower number of people who had become ill with pneumonia. While certain people may be more prone to illness and disease than others, anyone is still susceptible to pneumonia. By scheduling regular cleanings, patients can reduce their risk of catching this illness.

Not only can regular dental screenings help reduce your risk of pneumonia, these check-ups are also good for your overall health, as well as your long-term dental health. At Fairbanks Family Dental Care, our dental staff believes strongly in preventative dental care. Our office is dedicated to keeping our patients healthy and will gladly help you plan your regular dental cleanings. Fairbanks Family Dental Care recommends regular dental office visits and good at-home dental practices to keep your teeth and body in excellent health.

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