The Southside Community Market in Fairbanks

14 Aug Plaque Buildup from Poor Dental Habits

Are you looking for a fun evening event that is great for the whole family? In Fairbanks, Alaska, our town is centered around enjoyable things for people of all ages. One of our staff’s favorite Summer events at Fairbanks Family Dental Care is the Southside...

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Chena River Cleanup in Fairbanks

19 Jun Chena River Cleanup in Fairbanks, Alaska

Are you looking for a fun way to do good for your community, while also getting exercise? Fairbanks Family Dental Care has found an event that is great for all ages and an excellent way to teach children about contributing to a community. At the...

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13 May The History of Mother’s Day

Commemoration of mothers and motherhood has been around for a long time. America made Mother’s Day an official holiday in 1914, but Mother’s Day traditions actually date back to ancient Greeks and Romans (, 2018). At Fairbanks Family Dental Center, we want to take time...

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care for a child's dental needs

31 Jan Keys to a Child’s Dental Health

For adults, dental health is pretty straight forward. We know good hygiene means brushing our teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time and flossing at least once a day. We understand the value of visiting the dentist at...

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