Tooth Decay is Commonly Treated by a Dental Filling in Fairbanks

31 Mar Tooth Decay is Commonly Treated by a Dental Filling in Fairbanks

You might be surprised to know that sugar is not the direct cause of tooth decay. It aids in the production of cavities, but bacteria is the actual source of tooth decay. Though tooth decay is preventable through tackling bacterial formation, in reality, cavities are a common dental issue. When patients find a cavity or their dentist finds a cavity, there are various dental solutions available. At Fairbanks Family Dental Care, tooth decay is commonly treated by a dental filling in Fairbanks, which will help to repair the damage to your enamel.

What is a dental filling in Fairbanks?

After the dentist removes the decay inside the tooth, a dental filling is inserted, A dental filling is using a specific material to fill in the empty space in the tooth that was created by decay. While fillings can be made of different materials, the following are the most common:

Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam fillings are made of a variety of metals and are silver in color, so they won’t match your teeth exactly. But they’re a strong, long-lasting way to preserve your tooth.

Composite Resin Fillings: Composite Resin Fillings are often referred to as white fillings. They’re made of a type of resin that matches the natural color of your teeth.

Composite resin fillings match the appearance of your existing teeth much better than amalgam fillings. However, amalgam fillings are known to be more durable for the usual wear and tear your teeth experience while eating. Your friendly dentist in Fairbanks, Alaska would be happy to go over the types of fillings available and help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Dr. John Brady is our qualified and caring Fairbanks Family Dentist. He’s ready to assess your dental needs and help you reach your dental goals. If you’re wondering whether you may have a cavity that needs attention, our office staff will be glad to schedule a consultation. We specialize in dental fillings in Fairbanks, as well as in quite a few additional services that you can find on our website. And don’t forget to schedule two dental cleanings per year. Along with a good oral health care practice at home, those cleanings will help to keep your smile healthy.

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